CASE (6) Brisket Enchiladas (Frozen)

CASE (6) Brisket Enchiladas (Frozen)
Wholesale Details:One week notice for delivery. The enchiladas are Frozen and come with a 3 mo...
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This product is currently sold out.
Wholesale Details:
One week notice for delivery. 
The enchiladas are Frozen and come with a 3 month expiry. 
We wholesale them for $28 each / 6 in a case. 

Product Details:
2-3 servings, flour tortillas stuffed with cheese and your chosen filling, topped with more cheese and pickled jalapeños. Comes with a bag of enchilada sauce (contains meat drippings).  Simply bake the enchiladas, heat the sauce and pour over top. recommend adding beans and rice to complete the meal!

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